Upon approval of your application:
  1. Your site will be included in the official ASCP Member Directory located at http://www.asacp.org/members.php .
  2. You will receive an ASACP Member button for display on your site. If a surfer clicks on the ASACP button on your site, the ASACP system will confirm your membership status dynamically. You agree to abide by ASACP Logo Use for Approved Members .
  3. You will receive login information to update your site information. The Member page is created dynamically from the ASACP database; therefore, it is important that you add all your sites to this database. Should you have any difficulty logging in please contact the membership coordinator .
  4. Your membership will be effective for one year, at which time you will receive a renewal notice.
To be proactive and effective in the battle against online child pornography,it is crucial that ASACP build and maintain excellent relations with U.S. and European government agencies. Therefore, ASACP reviews and constantly monitorsall member sites for unacceptable words (see Unacceptable Terms ) to assure compliancewith its Code of Ethics. ASACP requires that Approved Members comply with both the letter and spirit of the law on child pornography.

ASACP works with the online adult industry to develop our recommended Best Practices , Code of Ethics, and Unacceptable Terms list. Please consider incorporating these into your company policies. ASACP investigates incidents of possible Member non-compliance and, if necessary, recommends appropriate corrective action. If compliance issues remain unresolved, ASACP may revoke membership. If membership is revoked, all membership dues are forfeited.

ASACP reserves the right to refuse membership to any site or company. This does not indicate that such sites or companies are engaged or involved in the promotion of child pornography. ASACP cannot accept Member applications from Escort Services or Under-18 modeling sites. ASACP reserves the right to modify the Code of Ethics, Terms of Service, Best Practices , and the Unacceptable Terms list , and will inform members of such modifications.